Some brief descriptions of Les’s award winning plays:

One-act plays

“Tommo and Me.”

Award winning play.  Comedy/Drama:  Matt has been looking after Tommo since his parents were involved in a serious car crash.  Tommo’s father died in the crash and the subsequent shock of losing her husband, trying to cope with Tommo on her own whilst recovering from her own injuries, caused Tommo’s mother to have a breakdown and she is currently receiving help at a psychiatric hospital.  Matt has known Tommo all his life and Tommo moved into his flat with him after the accident.  Matt cares for him and has devised routines to help Tommo get through the days and nights.  2 males.  1 female.

“Never  Again.”

Comedy: Babs and John have only recently returned from a pretty grim holiday in Mallorca where they met Bob and Jill who contributed to make it the nightmare holiday it was.  Babs in a regrettable drunken moment gave them their home address and they’ve turned up on their doorstep unannounced to stay!  3 females.  2 males.


Short listed SCDA. Short listed DAWS. Youth Play. Comedy drama, set on an open stage. Rob, doesn’t like to drink, he prefers to read, so he is ostracised by his friends. Sticky, is a loner and likes to write poetry, she too, is given a hard time by her class mates. Rob and Sticky accidentally meet, and that causes problems for everyone! 4 males, 3 females.


Multi-Award winning play. Moving comedy about two old men, as one of them tries to ready himself for a job interview and the other one grows colder by the minute. 2 males, 1 female.



Multi-Award winning play. Gritty comedy drama set in a railway station waiting room as two football fans wait for a train. All is well until a stranger turns up and starts painting the walls. 3 males.


“The Interview”

Award winning play. Drama set in 1990 about a middle-aged man applying for a higher position within the company. The interview board consists of three young college graduates, who systematically break the interviewee down until he finally cracks. This play has a wonderful twist in the tail. 3 males, 1 female.


“Getting Even”

Multi-Award winning play. Tough gritty drama about a used car dealer who is conned by a gangland boss. 3 males, 1 female.


“The Reluctant Witnesses”

Multi-Award winning play. Comedy drama set in an interview room at a police station following a terrorist incident. 4 males, 2 females. (Spotlight Publications:


“Attention to Detail”

Short listed SCDA. Comedy. Set in the foyer of a large company. Prospective employees turn up for a job interview only to be met by a mysterious man who appears to help them, or does he? 4 males, 1 female.

“Never Saw It Coming!”

Award winning play. Drama. A mistress awaits her married lover, they row and he leaves, a few hours later, his wife turns up! 2 females, 1 male. (Spotlight Publications:


“Sling Yer Hook!”

Award winning play. Comedy set on a riverbank. Two pals are having a quiet days fishing when a stranger turns up, then a girlfriend! 3 males, 1 female.


“Please Don’t Tell!”

Youth Play. Multi award winning play. Comedy drama. Open set stage with boxes for staging. A play about friendship, blackmail, revenge and love within a group of teenagers. 3 males, 3 females. (Spotlight Publications:


“Close To The Edge”

Award winning play: Comedy drama set on the edge of a cliff. A young girl is about to commit suicide when a stranger turns up. 1 male, 1 female.


“Say Goodbye To Jill Everybody!”

Multi-Award winning play: Comedy set in a small function room. Jill has been hired by the company to give a corporate presentation on “Motivation” but things don’t go quite the way she planned. 6 females.

“Finding God in the Kitchen!”

Runner-up. Bursledon One-Act Playwriting Competition: Comedy. Bill cooks a roast dinner and when he serves up the Yorkshire puddings, an outline of God is clearly visible in the baking tray! There ensues a battle with a veteran reporter and a scheming wife to make money from the discovery. 2 males, 2 females.

“Watching the Magpies”

Multi-Award winning play: Drama. Dottie, although not a qualified carer looks after her friend Rose. The house they rent has been sold for re-development and they have to move. Rose’s illness is becoming worse and the council are having difficulties re-housing them and time is running out. 2 females, 1 male.


“The Redemption of Jessie Murdoch”

Gritty, psychological drama set in America. Jessie Murdoch visits the home of Rose Johnson, a woman he has never met but has spoken to on the phone. He forces entry into her home and makes demands of her and puts her through a series of humiliating events working to a personal agenda. Due to her strength of will and resolve, Jessie crumbles and breaks down. 1 male, 1 female. (Spotlight Publications:

“Saving Grace”

Award winning play: Comedy. Jill is preparing for a committee meeting for members of her environmentally friendly green movement, “Saving Grace.” Her husband Terry has no interest but has been reluctantly roped in to help. His job is to meet and greet the guests and keep them entertained, a task he is loath to perform, especially as in his opinion, they turn out to be a right mix of weirdo’s! 3 males, 3 females. (Spotlight Publications:


“The People That Live In Boxes”

Multi Award winning play: Drama. Joe and Beck live in cardboard boxes at the rear of a factory. They’re not lovers, just friends and Joe basically keeps an eye on Beck as she is a recovering drug addict. Enter Jenny, a mature student doing a thesis on the homeless. Beck refuses to help but Joe answers her questions, ultimately revealing a chilling secret that not even Beck knew about. The play takes an ironic twist when Martin enters late at night having had a few drinks! 2 males, 2 females.


“Joe’s Comeback”

Award winning play: Drama. Joe suffers from senile dementia and Alzheimer’s and Ruth, Joe’s wife, battles to keep him at home tending to his every need. Ruth has recently acquired the services of a carer which has enabled her to have some time for herself but Joe doesn’t seem to get on with the carer which threatens Ruth’s newfound freedom. This couldn’t have happened at a worst time as Tony, their son is coming to visit today. 2 males, 1 female. Plus 1 taped male voice.

“No One Ever Listens!”

Finalist. Bursledon One-Act Playwriting Competition: Comedy. Jackie and Morris have split up and without parental guidance, Tara, their daughter is becoming rebellious. Jackie has been to see a psychiatrist and is depressed with his findings. Maureen, the Irish housekeeper gives her some words of advice and encourages her to attend a friend’s fortieth birthday party. Meanwhile, Tara is thinking of having a tattoo and joining a band! 3 females, 2 males.

“I’m still the same person inside.”

Multi-Award Winning Play plus short listed SCDA. Short listed DAWS. Comedy/drama. Jenny has had an accident and is confined to a wheelchair. Her disability hopefully, isn’t permanent and she is determined to enjoy life and men! With this in mind she contacts Paul on an Internet Dating website, and agrees to meet him at her flat. Kay is worried and tries to talk her out of it, but Jenny is determined to get on with her life and refuses to listen. 2 males, 2 females.

“When we were full of hope.”

Multi award winning play and finalist: Bognor Regis Drama Club One-Act Playwriting Competition. Drama. Sam, a New Yorker arranges to meet Anton Petrof, a Russian Investigator, in Central Park to receive some information he has requested. However, when Anton tries to conclude their business, Sam is reluctant to do so and keeps changing the subject to avoid the issue. 2 males.

“You’re in room eight.”

Multi award winning play and finalist: Bognor Regis Drama Club One-Act Playwriting Competition. Comedy/Drama. Roger and Edna are on their way to a special get-together when they get lost and have to stay in a run down guest house for the night. It’s not up to their usual standard and the proprietor is not as helpful as one would expect! 2 males, 2 females.


“My lovely Jack.”

Drama. Vera is sitting in an armchair, she has had a bit of a turn during the night, and she is a little confused by events. She starts to remember her husband, Jack, who passed away several years earlier. 3 females, 3 males.


Multi award winning play. Comedy. The play is set in Jessica and Paulie’s lounge. Jessica is trying to tidy the house before the man from the benefits office comes. She fears that if she doesn’t do everything right, their benefits will be cut off, and Paulie isn’t the most helpful person when it comes to giving a hand! 1 female, 2 males.


“A Run of Bad Luck.”

Comedy: Stew takes up jogging, he collapses onto a park bench where Christine happens to be sitting and relaxing at the time! 1 male, 1 female.


Drama. The play is set in a room in a house that is primarily a squat, where all three characters live together but in separate rooms. As the play unfolds we learn their stories and how they all came to be there. 2 males. 1 female.

“Blood on the sand.”

Gritty Drama. Tom and the ‘Man’ are waiting at a crude shelter, they have been waiting all night to meet a third party and Tom is cold and irritable and his patience is becoming exhausted. 3 males.

“First Class Delivery.”

Award winning play: Comedy. The action of the play takes place in the waiting-room of a maternity unit. Where we witness the comings and goings of the relations as they deal with the worries and the joys of pregnancy! 4 females. 2 males.

Full Length Plays

“You’re in room eight.”

Multi Award winning play: Comedy drama. 4 males, 4 females. The action takes place in a rather run-down guest house. Roger and Edna are en route to a special get-together when they get lost and have to spend the night in a guest house. It is not up to their usual standard and the proprietors, Derek and Lyn, are not as helpful as one would expect. Alan and Claire are here for a family funeral, but Alan has other ideas being away from home without the kids. Ray and Jill are having an affair and have booked a room for the weekend, only it’s not going according to plan …


“Whatever Happened To Billy Bignall?”

Award winning play: Comedy drama. 5 males, 4 females. The play is set in an old folk’s home where Billy Bignall, who allegedly was a comedian in the grand old days of the Music Hall, continues to regale his fellow residents with tales from the Good Old Days. No one believes him and he appears to be the object of ridicule from some of the residents, then a change of management results in the new manager wanting to put on a variety show by the residents for the residents. This is Billy’s big chance to prove to everyone that he was who he says he was but Billy refuses point blank to take part, but why?

“Long’s It’s Made Of Wood”

Comedy. 4 males, 2 females. Tony is a dreamer who’s always coming up with money-making schemes that never work; Di his long-suffering wife is at the end of her tether as Bill puts into practise his latest venture. He tries to involve their drippy, lazy son Ollie which doesn’t work out, so he enlists the help of Jack, a randy, retired, ailing painter & decorator, but like all the other hare-brained schemes that Bill comes up with, this one is also doomed to failure.

“Too old to climb trees.”

Drama. 3 males, 1 female. A modern day tragic love story. Charles is a 61 year old theatre director who suffers from bipolar. He meets Annie, a 23 year old writer, who is very confident, sexy and full-of-life and she turns his rather staid world upside down. Charles falls for her, hook, line and sinker, but Charles suspects that she is only using him to further her own career, and when he realises this, he is devastated and it ultimately destroys him.

“If Dreams Were Wishes.”

Drama: 6 women. The play is set on Oak Tree Ward, a women’s only ward in an ancient psychiatric hospital. Where we get an insight into the lives of the patients as they struggle through another day, and we learn their personal stories as the play unfolds. This is a very moving play about life and hope.


Award winning play. Romantic comedy: 3 females, 1 male. James having survived a very sad divorce sets up his own “odd job” business. Having delivered flyers, he knocks on doors following them up. James knocks on Kath’s door not knowing that his life is going to change from that day on! “Joined” is a gentle
romantic comedy proving that love can come at any age, at any time and when you least expect it…